By The Restaurant Dieter

When at the Jewish deli, indulge

My excuse: Living in Atlanta, I don’t get to real Jewish delis very often, and I love these hammentashen poppyseed cookies.

I admit I had to ask the clerk at the Bagel Palace Deli & Bakery to spell the name so i could write this post.

I probably more aware of Jewish culture than many non-Jews. I studied Holocaust literature and even stumbled into pledging the traditionally Jewish Sigma Alpha Mu in college.

From my fraternity brothers, I learned to swear in Yiddish, appreciate the Jewish girls in the little sisters auxiliary (before I owned up to my preference for men) and bake bread by making challah. For Jews and Italians, it’s all about the family and food. Even when it’s somewhat warped.

“What do you mean we’re dysfunctional? Eat something! You’ll feel better!”

I swear: If you eliminated that little disagreement over Jesus Christ, Jews and Italians would be one culture.


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  1. The Restaurant Dieter

    Thank you. I've discovered that a Reuben with turkey instead of corned beef can be pretty good, too.

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