Yesterday I went to lunch at Atlanta Tech Village in Buckhead. The building provides cheap office space for tech startups. This is a crowd that tends to run young; I have 35 years or more on most of them.

They were probably thrilled with the lunch provided: pizza, of course. And dessert was…beignets, more white flour and empty carbs.
I stuck to the slices with spinach and sliced tomatoes, but it was still a lot of carbs and sodium from the cheese.
The rest of the day I didn’t track my Weight Watchers points. For dinner, I had a Weight Watchers red lentil soup, some veggies and hummus and quesadillas. More salty cheese! And  as a snack, I had some cheese sticks.
So today could have been a weigh-in disaster. But I ran three times this week, and otherwise did pretty well. 
So today’s weigh-in has me even with last week. I’ll take it.