Until my series of posts from New York this past week, The Restaurant Dieter was MIA. An extended period had gone by — most of the summer, in fact — but no posts.

I’d traveled quite a bit: The UK, Austin, Detroit, northwest Michigan, Atlanta and New York. I went to restaurants, too.

But no posts. Hmmmmm.

Could it have been that I was busy working my way toward 216 pounds? Ah yes, that must have been it.

My hiatus kind of started with high tea on the high seas: our Atlantic Crossing on the Queen Mary II in June. With our waiter, Pasha, granting every whim and that extra meal a day (tea sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and pastry), the free-for-all began.

This Summer and Fall I ate baskets of tortilla chips with guacamole; fried chicken and red velvet cake and egg rolls and Kung pao chicken. At a reception, the cheese tray, spinach pie and chicken fingers and mini-sliders were all fair game.

The interesting thing was: I can’t really say I was loving every minute of it.

Besides the diet backsliding, there was the way I felt physically. I was taking anti acids again. I woke up with headaches from too much sugar or salty food the night before. It felt like a hangover, but I don’t even consume alcohol.

A week before Christmas, I told myself enough was enough. It seems a strange time to start watching what one eats, but that’s when I started my Weight Watchers journey in 2007.

I let myself slide at Christmas with some cookies and pizza, but I otherwise counted my Weight Watchers points faithfully and managed to stay flat for the weigh-in the following Saturday.

Today’s weigh-in confirmed what I’ve been feeling the last couple weeks. The pants fit better, I have more energy and my head doesn’t hurt in the morning.

Down 8 pounds feels like a trend in the right direction. Join me.