When ordering at a restaurant, Weight Watchers members have little choice but to order like Sally in this famous scene from the 1980s movie, “When Harry Met Sally.”

What helps:

  1. Tell the waiter upfront that you’re watching your food intake and that you’re going to have to ask for some things modified.
  2. Tell the waiter if he’s successful in helping you, he’ll get a nice tip.
  3. Give the nice tip.

I was recently at a Mexican restaurant for a dinner sponsored by my boss. I did step No. 1. Then I said: “I would like the fajitas. Can I please have corn tortillas instead of flour? And It sounds like the fajitas are marinated in something. Can you please ask the cook to do it dry or take the chicken out of the marinade and run it under some water before cooking it? If it comes out all shiny from the oil, I’ll have to send it back. If it doesn’t, I’ll make sure you get a good tip.”

The waiter did a great job. Even though I didn’t pay the tab for the meal and he got tipped by my boss, I slipped him $5. It was worth it.



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