Nothing upsets Weight Watchers progress like travel does. In October, The Restaurant Dieter returned from 21 days in China, close to 10 pounds shy of his all-time-high weight. It’s more muscle this time around, but it was still too close for comfort. Literally. The pants were too tight.

Travel makes eating right and dieting hard

Travel makes eating right and dieting hard

He started the current holiday at The Lodge at Sea Island, a luxury golf resort where the staff was so obsequious that it almost hurt. Breakfast was a winner: 3 egg omelet with spinach and shrimp. By leaving the hash browns, he started yesterday off right.

Now he’s at the Lodge on Little St. Simons Island, off the Georgia coast, with friends for a long weekend. The private island is owned by former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. This annual weekend is the kind of holiday that could be all about the activity and recreation — or about the food. This one is both. There are all kinds of activities from which to choose: biking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, bird watching.

But the whole group of about 30 gets together over meals. What comes out of the kitchen is invariably good. This morning it was vegetable frittata, fresh biscuits, butter and jam, creamy cheesy grits, bacon, fruit. A normal breakfast is a single egg, a slice of low-fat cheese and two pieces of dry, whole wheat toast. When you’re traveling on holiday, things just add up.

It’s not that I haven’t tried. Yesterday, before arriving on the island, I made the car stop at the local market. I bought apples, clementines, walnuts, humus, shredded wheat and a couple of packages of baby carrots. Yesterday before dinner, I had some carrots and humus in the hope of reducing consumption once things started rolling. But then, once among the crowd, I engaged with the cheese platter, had the pretzels with hot mustard and then at dinner, ate a couple of pieces of the crusty raisin walnut loaf, two-and-a-half crab cakes, cous cous and roasted cauliflower. I tasted but left most of the too-sweet caramel ice cream.

But still, by the time I went to bed, heartburn — from eating late, from eating rich, from eating too much. Ugh.

Lunch is likely to be a shrimp boil at the beach. Most years, we bike to the beach for this event. But it was rainy yesterday, and the road is likely to be full of rainy potholes. The shuttle it is. Weenie.

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