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Weight Watchers weigh-in: holding steady

Yesterday I went to lunch at Atlanta Tech Village in Buckhead. The building provides cheap office space for tech startups. This is a crowd that tends to run young; I have 35 years or more on most of them.

They were probably thrilled with the lunch provided: pizza, of course. And dessert was…beignets, more white flour and empty carbs.
I stuck to the slices with spinach and sliced tomatoes, but it was still a lot of carbs and sodium from the cheese.
The rest of the day I didn’t track my Weight Watchers points. For dinner, I had a Weight Watchers red lentil soup, some veggies and hummus and quesadillas. More salty cheese! And  as a snack, I had some cheese sticks.
So today could have been a weigh-in disaster. But I ran three times this week, and otherwise did pretty well. 
So today’s weigh-in has me even with last week. I’ll take it. 

Weight Watchers weigh-in: down on a jeans day

A week of staying on plan — mostly — yielded results. And the results may be better than they appear. Last week’s weigh-in was in cotton shorts, no socks and a T-shirt. This week, shirt, jeans and socks, which is enough to add a pound.

Weight Watchers weigh-in

You would think I would have had a good weigh-in today. This week I had a medical procedure that included a day of liquid diet. But no….

Yesterday I got a cake to thank a colleague who is leaving the company. I had a piece, and once that sugar rush was on, it was off to the races for me.
The rest of the day was eating and badly. So today’s increase is no surprise.
Time to jump back on the horse. 

Much-delayed Weight Watchers weigh-in

Attention to one’s blog comes and goes, especially if the blog is a hobby. I’m no different, though I have an added incentive to take a hiatus.

The Restaurant Dieter is about eating healthy, and this blogger cannot claim consistency on that account.
But the blog description labels me a “habitual dieter,” and that will never change. Ups and downs are inevitable. Especially if one travels as much as The TRD Spouse and I do. 
Today’s weigh-in has me up about 5-6 more than I’d like. But we’re home more this month, and I got to Weight Watchers today. It’s a start worth building on.

Weight Watchers weigh-in

Today’s weigh-in confirms what I’ve been feeling in the way things fit. Down again. And yesterday I finished the day with a half cup of ice cream and two biscotti. This counting thing works.

Weight Watchers weigh-in: Following the plan really works. I’m down 2.8

I’ve been wearing a pair of jeans this week that a month ago were uncomfortably tight. No wonder; today’s weigh in says I’m down 10 pounds since I returned to the Weight Watchers fold.

Yesterday on the plane from Atlanta to New York, I had the pastrami sandwich for dinner, though I took off the cheese. I had a salad with chicken at lunch and a nice breakfast too. And I still had enough points to have a quesadilla for a snack and a Weight Watchers ice cream cone.

In my summer/fall hiatus from healthy eating, I must have forgotten that it really is possible to not starve and not feel deprived.

The plan just works.

Weight Watchers weigh-in: he’s back

Until my series of posts from New York this past week, The Restaurant Dieter was MIA. An extended period had gone by — most of the summer, in fact — but no posts.

I’d traveled quite a bit: The UK, Austin, Detroit, northwest Michigan, Atlanta and New York. I went to restaurants, too.

But no posts. Hmmmmm.

Could it have been that I was busy working my way toward 216 pounds? Ah yes, that must have been it.

My hiatus kind of started with high tea on the high seas: our Atlantic Crossing on the Queen Mary II in June. With our waiter, Pasha, granting every whim and that extra meal a day (tea sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and pastry), the free-for-all began.

This Summer and Fall I ate baskets of tortilla chips with guacamole; fried chicken and red velvet cake and egg rolls and Kung pao chicken. At a reception, the cheese tray, spinach pie and chicken fingers and mini-sliders were all fair game.

The interesting thing was: I can’t really say I was loving every minute of it.

Besides the diet backsliding, there was the way I felt physically. I was taking anti acids again. I woke up with headaches from too much sugar or salty food the night before. It felt like a hangover, but I don’t even consume alcohol.

A week before Christmas, I told myself enough was enough. It seems a strange time to start watching what one eats, but that’s when I started my Weight Watchers journey in 2007.

I let myself slide at Christmas with some cookies and pizza, but I otherwise counted my Weight Watchers points faithfully and managed to stay flat for the weigh-in the following Saturday.

Today’s weigh-in confirmed what I’ve been feeling the last couple weeks. The pants fit better, I have more energy and my head doesn’t hurt in the morning.

Down 8 pounds feels like a trend in the right direction. Join me.

Weight Watchers Weigh-In: I’m back

The Restaurant Dieter is back, and boy does he need to be. Today’s weigh-in has me at 211.4.

That’s the most I’ve been since just before Christmas 2011. But it’s not the most I’ve been since I reached my Weight Watchers goal — and then proceeded to go over.

My hiatus has involved more than tracking my food and Weight Watchers. I’ve been on hiatus with the blog, exercise, you name it.

It’s been a busy, busy time at work. And we’ve been in the process of moving, so lots of chaos at home and meals out, bad choices and no WW tracking.

OK, let’s reboot. Tonight we’re going to a lobster-and-steak restaurant. Look for at least a little report. Promise.

Late April weigh-in: Down 2 pounds

Not bad, considering that one bad cocktail party Thursday.

April weigh-in: up, unfortunately

I had a feeling this month’s Weight Watchers weigh-in might be bad news. Last weekend we were in New York, and I only got to the gym twice this week. Better next time.

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