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Review: Nothing special at Rain in Atlanta

Sometimes, a guy’s got to eat. Choosing carefully based on your desires or diet isn’t practical. So you wind up with what’s close by — in this case,close by ┬áthe Tara Cinema in Atlanta.

So we found ourselves at Rain, which bills itself as a “Thai and sushi bar.” The menu spanned at least 6 pages, all with photos, with enough decent choices. The nutritional bargain for me was the lemongrass soup. Hunting around on the web, I found what I think is the basic nutritional information. I counted it as 4 Weight Watchers points.

For low-fat, healthy eating near Times Square, the shrimp cocktail rules

I love when a restaurant has a shrimp cocktail on the menu. You can add it to any salad and poof — instant healthy dinner.

Eating near Times Square can be a challenge, but we really lucked out today. We ate at Thalia at 8th Avenue and 50th in New York. The shrimp were nice and big and firm.

For Weight Watchers, it came down to 4 points for the shrimp, 2 for the dressing and 3 for the blue cheese. Not bad.