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NRA Show Report: high-fat meat abounds

Can you imagine how many calories and grams of fat and sodium there is in this stuff? It was all part of an enormous booth at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago by Fontanini, a supplier in McCook, IL.

The Restaurant Dieter is second generation American of Italian extraction. He has traveled in several parts of Italy. It’s unfortunate that the American interpretation of Italian food has become so concentrated on high-fat meat.

Meat is expensive in Italy and many more dishes celebrate seasonal vegetables. Beans are in many dishes, including pastas. That was the Italian food I learned to love at home.

Something got lost in the translation, and it’s making us fat.

NRA show report: A dieter’s fear and loathing around every corner

CHICAGO — Pizza lurked around every corner among the 1,800 exhibits, and it probably wasn’t because The National Restaurant Association’s annual trade show chose Chicago’s cavernous McCormick Place. It must be a byproduct of the fact that the salty, fatty, carb-y, cheezy is a perfect restaurant food. Easy to cook, little-to-no waste and a bang-up profit margin.

You may now ask: What in the world was a guy trying to diet doing in a place like this? Research, of course. Now I’m in my hotel room researching something else: how fast does the generic Walgreens Famotidine Tablets acid reducer work?

What I’d really like to know is how another guy on a diet — vegan, if I’m not mistaken — wound up here? President Bill Clinton gave the keynote address entitled, “Embracing Our Common Humanity.” The program said The William J. Clinton Foundation “is working to combat the alarming rise in childhood obesity” through something called “the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.” I’m crestfallen my plane arrived too late to catch his speech. Given that it was likely just down the hall from all this pizza…well, let’s just say it was bound to be interesting.

This might come off as too flippant, but vegan Bill Clinton speaking here about nutrition is kind of like Sarah Brady speaking at that other NRA convention.

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