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Cremalosa Review: Wonderful gelato in Decatur

There’s only one thing not to like about Cremalosa, a gelato shop in Decatur. It didn’t open near my condo in Midtown Atlanta.

For years, The Restaurant Dieter’s husband bemoaned the lack of an ice cream shop nearby. We are close enough to Georgia Tech and nearby high rises to support an Insomnia Cookies. We can’t believe no has opened an ice cream shop.

My husband is resourceful, however. He has solved for this problem by buying pints at Cremalosa and bringing them home.

Cremalosa opened in February, a challenging time, given that business began to slow because of the spreading Covid-19 virus. The proprietor is Meredith Ford, a colleague from my days as the features editor at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Meredith joined the newspaper as restaurant critic and food writer in the early 2000s after a career teaching pastry at Johnson & Wales University Culinary School in Rhode Island. After the AJC, she worked on pastry at well-known intown restaurants such as Sotto Sotto, Escorpion and Novo Cucina.

Cremalosa is owned by Atlanta chef and food critic and writer, Meredith Ford.

In an interview with the AJC, Ford described Cremalosa’s approach as the classic gelato paired with some favorite American flavors.

On the day we visited, there was a wonderfully creamy peach cobbler, studded with real chunks of Georgia peach and flaky pastry. I had it solo, but my companion ordered a double with that and a peach sorbet. On a hot day, he waited for some of it to melt and drank it to evident delight.

The menu at Cremalosa

Even in this difficult business environment, the shop had at least a dozen flavors to pick from, including two flavors we’ve enjoyed at home previously: a distinctive banana-mango sorbet and an ultra-creamy banana pudding.

Gelato is often preferred by those trying to eat healthier. Compared with ice cream, it’s lower in fat, but potentially higher in sugar. This is a good discussion of the relative nutritional values of both. In any case, moderation is the key.

Cremalosa has a lovely courtyard with plenty of chairs, tables, flowers and plants. It’s a lovely place to enjoy great gelato on a nice day. It’s on the plaza level at the Avondale MARTA station, just east of downtown Decatur.

A great new gelato shop named Cremalosa opened east of downtown Decatur.
Cremalosa has a lovely courtyard where you can enjoy your gelato outside with friends — the real Italian way. The courtyard is on the MARTA plaza level.

Too bad it’s not near our condo, but at least there are pints to take home.

Cremalosa, 2657 E. College Avenue, suite B, MARTA plaza level, Decatur, GA, 30030, 404-600-6085.

Dear restaurant owners: Let us eat cake! Wait, strike that. It’d be diet murder.

Hummingbird cake leftovers.  For now anyway.
The Restaurant Dieter writes about eating healthy so often that the regular reader must be thinking: “How come he’s not down to 160 pounds and retiring this blog?”
The suspicious reader must be thinking: “Diet, schmiet! This guy must be sneaking cheeseburgers constantly and not telling us.”
The truth is somewhere in between. I’ve mentioned in posts sometimes when I’ve chucked my Weight Watchers points and eaten, say, a wonderful tartufo covered in a shell of rich, dark chocolate at Cafe Fiorello in New York City. But it’s also true that those diet indiscretions garner far less ink on The Restaurant Dieter than the low fat, healthy eating to which I aspire.
It’s also true that I rarely order desert at a restaurant, but it’s not totally because of The Restaurant Dieter. It’s because the desserts at most restaurants are flat out boring.
The typical list includes: a creme brûlée or flan; something with fruit and a crust or crumble topping; some ice creams and/or sorbets; nowadays, fried doughnuts with some dipping sauces; sometimes a cheesecake and some kind of toffee cake or bread pudding. The only cake is something flourless, dense, molten, chocolate. A colleague who reviewed restaurants for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution once referred to the genre as “chocolate gush cake.”
But cake — those glorious ones turned out by legions of women for church suppers in the South — have disappeared almost completely from restaurant menus. I’m talking about the kind of cake that graces the pages of Rose Levy Beranbaum’s “The Cake Bible” or Ann Byrn’s “The Cake Mix Doctor.” A golden cake with fresh strawberry slices and whipped cream. A red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. A coconut cake or dense, flourless walnut torte like the kind my mom used to make for my birthday.
Cake lovers have had to make do with the cupcake trend, but that’s rarely at a restaurant that serves more than sandwiches and luncheon food.
This weekend, The Restaurant Dieter was invited to dinner at a friend’s house. A couple of bananas were siting on the counter and the temptation for a really good piece of cake proved too much. We had to bring something, I rationalized.
Heading out (to Weight Watchers, no less!) I left the “The Cake Mix Doctor” on the kitchen counter, with a post it note pointing out that the Hummingbird cake with cream cheese frosting used a couple of ripe bananas. The Restaurant Dieter’s spouse is a whiz with cakes and enjoys making them.
At dinner last night, we finished half of the cake. The friend — also watching her points — kept a piece and sent us home. The Restaurant Dieter’s spouse had a piece this morning as a second course to an omelet.
“It’s basically banana bread with a little icing,” he rationalized.
For the record, The Restaurant Dieter himself hasn’t had any today. Yet.