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Review M. Henry, Chicago: Go wild or go healthy; lots of good choices

Brunch at M. Henry was a real treat. We were looking for a place that would accommodate my nephew, who is vegan. My other nephew recommended this place. It was a great choice.

On the decadent end, one nephew had “bliss cakes” (pancakes) with marscapone, peaches and cherries. One had scrambled tofu.

I had a cup of black bean chili and streamed vegetables with chicken over brown rice. It was just what I needed after last night, when things went awry. On the flight to Chicago, the snack basket in first class had candy and fattening, salty chips, pretzels and peanuts. Then at my sister-in-law’s later that evening, pizza and a nearby bowl of pistachios wrecked the rest of the day.

In terms of Weight Watcher points, the meal at M. Henry did well: 2 points for the black bean chili; 5 points for the brown rice; and 3 points for the chicken breast.

We’re going to my nephew’s graduation party tonight, but I feel like I’m going in satisfied and well prepared.