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New York’s home of the 1-lb. sandwich, Carnegie Deli, reopens

It’s finally official: Carnegie Deli has reopened. Should we Weight Watchers members or dieters fear that? Nah.

Here’s why.

New York’s famed Carnegie Deli ‘will reopen in 2016’

Carnegie Deli says it’s determined to reopen in 2016. That message to its adoring fans comes via the restaurant’s website itself and, ironically, the website Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York.

“We would like to set the record straight. Carnegie Deli will reopen in 2016. We are ONLY temporarily closed,” according to the report. The midtown New York institution closed in April because of an unauthorized gas hookup and has had a string of troubles since.

Carnegie’s reputation in part comes from superhuman portions¬† — typically 1 pound of meat per sandwich — and sharing charges that discourage sharing. Yes, I have in fact eaten a whole sandwich there. And yes, the restaurant’s motto is, “If you can finish your meal, we’ve done something wrong.”

Just for sport, The Restaurant Dieter Googled the phrases “Carnegie Deli” and “Weight Watchers” and this is all that came up.

You’d be justifed for wondering how an item about Carnegie turned up on this website. Well, it turns out that Carnegie Deli does in fact have some good salads on the menu. And you can always go with a friend and take the tiniest bite of his Reuben. Heaven.

Home, where we lapse into our bad habits

The Restaurant Dieter is visiting family in suburban Detroit again. Yesterday’s post was about a virtuous lunch at Red Lobster. Then for dinner, we cooked grilled chicken, broccoli, salad and corn on the cob. No butter or oil, except on the salad.

Q: So why did I finish the day with half a bag of potato chips?

A: Because it’s there, of course. Old patterns die hard