Not every meal can be planned or a dining experience. I’ve been waiting at the vet for the doc to finish the blood work on our Labrador, Nan. It’s lunchtime, I’m hungry and I have to stick around this area to pick her up.

I just needed something to eat. Let’s see, there’s Rocco’s NY Pizza, Willy’s Mexicana Grill, McDonald’s (touting a “snack wrap” version of a guilty pleasure, the Big Mac) and a weirdly unfocused place called Kyoto Joe’s International Cuisine.

Guess which won?

Joe’s menu is a weird combination of Japanese teriyaki bowls and falafel. The new owner told me he’s in the process of bringing clarity to the place. It will soon be “an international pita cafe,” he said with a distinctly Middleastern accent. Maybe he’ll rename it. Tarek’s Pita Cafe?

Anyway, I opted for a teriyaki bowl with just chicken, vegetables and the sauce, which he told me is getting booted off the menu. I suppose there’s always Greek Salad and chicken kebab in the future.

Time to stop writing and eat.

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