Lowfat but boring

A recent visit to Copeland’s of New Orleans suggests it might be time to rethink this blog’s subtitle. Maybe it should be: “Dieting and eating out shouldn’t be so boring.”

Copeland’s is like a lot of restaurants. Stripped of their normal tools to satisfy diners — fat, salt and sugar — many restaurants have little appetizing to offer. So a dieter can technically eat there, but leave so unsatisfied that a bad food binge is only a fast food drive-thru away.

With three metro-Atlanta locations, Copeland’s is a casual theme dinner house with a Cajun-Creole bent but something for everybody. Besides crawfish etouffee, the menu offers Buffalo this, Thai shrimp that, Caesar whatever and chicken parm. It leaves no pedestrian food trend untouched.

Such a menu pushes an experienced dieter immediately to the salads. With dressing on the side, perhaps somehow we’ll survive.

Instead, the server recommended the fresh fish of the day, which in this case turned out to be a swordfish. It came, grilled or blackened, with two sides.

“Can I get that grilled with little to no oil or fat? With steamed broccoli and red beans and rice.”

“Red beans and rice? That’s not low fat,” the server corrected. Give her credit for honesty.

“OK, make it a green salad. Dressing on the side.”

Everything came as ordered. The thoughtful server even brought extra lemon wedges. A victory for The Restaurant Dieter, right?

Welcome to the law of unintended consequences. Everything was so bland and tasteless, so I stopped by a CVS and got a bag of peanut butter pretzels on the way home.