For a place named for eggs, there sure are a lot of carbs on the menu at Another Broken Egg in Atlanta: in the Monster Cinnamon Roll, in the pancakes, in the French Toast. The egg dishes lean toward the decadent, too, as in the lobster and Brie omelette. Gotta please today’s public.

But there is a “healthy side” menu with a fruit plate, a skinny omelette, salmon salad, granola fruit and quinoa. Just what us folks on Weight Watchers need.
The waiter didn’t miss a beat when asked to skinny the omelette more: cut the goat cheese and the roasted garlic cloves (not that the latter are fattening) and use cooking spray.
It arrived as requested and packed with red pepper, green onion and asparagus. The fruit on the side was a nice melange, including kiwi.
The only off note was that the English muffin came buttered. One could knock the waiter for not asking; who asks for cooking spay but wants buttered toast?
I have no doubt it would have been replaced free had I asked. A grandfather and grandson were surprised by the pulp in the grandson’s orange juice. The very same waiter took it away and replaced it with apple. No charge.
Carb temptations aside, this is worth another visit.