ConAgra’s Angela Mia no-salt tomato sauce

If the green, locavore, farm-to-table, organic crowd could have just one enemy, it would surely be the food giant, ConAgra Foods.¬†The Omaha, Neb., food giant represents all that is wrong to them. The company’s Wikipedia page offers a ¬†pretty good inventory of the issues.

ConAgra was, however, one of the winners of the National Restaurant Association innovation awards, cited at the annual show that recently concluded at Chicago’s McCormick place. The award was for its Angela Mia no-salt-added crushed tomatoes.

Cindy Bombacino, director of category marketing, said the company arrived at the product by querying its restaurant customers about reducing sodium content. They replied that too many other restaurants products have sodium. Better to get rid of it altogether, so that’s what ConAgra did.

As noted before, the sodium content in some meals is obscene. One Olive Garden lasagna entree has more than double the daily amount recommended for a person over 50.

I don’t know if that totally qualifies as innovation, but it’s at least something.

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