The Restaurant Dieter is in New York, entertaining his niece over the New Year holiday.

We avoided the insanity of Times Square and went to dinner near our place on the Upper West Side. We went to Spring Natural Kitchen on Columbus.

It is rapidly becoming my go-to place in the neighborhood. The menu is so diverse that a healthy eater and Weight Watchers member can find satisfaction, as can a companion who could care less.

I had steamed edamame and a wonderful salad nicoise. The whole meal was satisfying and protein packed at 10 Weight Watcher points,

The fact that the dessert menu included a bowl of fresh fruit — served with or without a scoop of sorbet — made it the perfect meal with which to start the new year.

Happy New Year Spring Natural Kitchen. I’ll be seeing you.

Salad Nicoise
A bowl of fresh fruit for dessert
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