Shrimp salad

 At Tenth Avenue Cookshop, everything on the brunch menu looks good. The pastry basket looks wonderful. People all over the place are having big hearty cast iron skillets with luscious huevos rancheros, three eggs with black beans, jack cheese and creme fraiche. The fries are heaping mounds of thin fried goodness. It seemed like a poor choice for a dieter.

There were two salads, the most promising of which was a shrimp salad with radish, shaved carrot and fennel. I ordered that.

We’d sat at the bar and watched the bartenders making drinks. For one popular one, they shoved a fat slice of grapefruit into the glass first. It looked inviting.

The grapefruit was a gift

Although not on the menu, The Restaurant Dieter asked. The server was only too glad to comply, and it didn’t even end up on the bill. The grapefruit was at the peak of season — tart but also sweet. As an unexpected bonus, the salad itself had a few fat slices.

The Weight Watchers point tally was a mere 3 points — 2 for 4 ounces of shrimp and 1 for 1 tablespoon of vinaigrette. It was so low that we ordered the assorted housemade treats — the kind of small sweet things that often turn up at a fine restaurant with the bill. These included a wonderful cherry pistachio nougat and tiny disc of intense orange olive oil cake. I tried them all, assessing myself another 5 points.

If you go, sit and the bar. The folks there will treat you well.

The assorted housemade treats