When the server delivers a plate of honey-chipolte-barbecue chicken fingers to the table, we fully intend to save half that gigantic portion to take home.

But despite the best of intentions to ask for a box, suddenly it’s gone. What happened to that willpower? Why do we fail so often?
The New York Times features new research that again points out the addictive powers of fatty foods. The bodies of rats released a “marijuana-like” chemical immediately when they ingested fatty foods.
The research is just the latest to note the connection.  In his excellent book, “The End of Overeating,” Former Food and Drug Administration commissioner Dr. David A. Kessler writes about the addictive powers of salty-fatty-sugary foods purposely engineered by the restaurant industry. The industry wants us to be satisfied and understands that the combination created foods that are hyper-palatable.
Kessler doesn’t let us off the hook entirely. There are ways to conquer addiction — just as there are with other substances. Still, it’s good to know: It’s not that we’re morally weak or something. Folks who want to eat healthy are up against two powerful foes: their own biology and an industry bent on making us want to keep coming back for more.
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