Weight history since December 2007

The temperature has dropped markedly in Atlanta. Fall seems finally to have arrived. That means more clothing and heavier clothing.

That means weighing in at Weight Watchers without the natural advantages provided by summer clothing. Last week I weighed in in a tank shirt and gym shorts. Today it was shirt, jeans, socks and belt.

Today’s weigh-in

And yet, the result was only a .8 pound increase — essentially stable. That’s not bad considering last night I hung up The Restaurant Dieter’s hat and ate with abandon at a new restaurant in town. Being The Restaurant Dieter takes some focus, concentration and work. Last night, I just wasn’t up for it.

With a goal weight of 190, today’s 205.2 continues a trend I’ve seen since summer a year ago. I’d like to lose at least 10, but on the other hand, I’m still a far cry from the 232.6 I was in December 2007. Moreover, I know from having my body composition done a couple of times that I’ve put on at least 7 pounds of muscle weight in my legs, arms, shoulders and chest.

And then there is this final point: my blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol all are positive — important given my genetic history.

I’d still like to lose a few, but I’ll also settle for an even keel.