Eater has a piece this week in which three-star Michelin chef David Kinch complains that on a given night, 80 percent of the dining room can arrive with a dietary limitation for which they request an accommodation.

Kinch is a little more nuanced than is the Eater piece itself. He draws a distinction between those asking because of a dietary restriction vs. a dislike. He seems to indicate that the former is more acceptable to him than the latter. I tend to agree.

I’ve complained before about chefs who don’t want their vision ruined by customers with health concerns and praised those who are flexible. It’s hard to know how much of Kinch’s 80 percent fall into what he regards as valid reasons and how many not. I suspect he doesn’t even know. It just bugs him.

To that I’d say: It bugs me, too. Diabetes and heart disease are no fun, and I’ve got no time for anybody who won’t help me avoid them. So don’t lump me in with the folks who’ve never liked mushrooms. This is real.

Here’s the full Eater interview with him.