Add some oil to make it flow

Even for a seasoned dieter, it’s hard to pass up a piece of good chocolate. If it’s high quality, sometimes one nice bite is enough to satisfy. It should be easy, however, to pass by the gross stuff spilling over the edge of the chocolate fountain. I don’t care if the dipping items do include fresh fruit.
The fountains are thought by some to be an elegant and showy finish for parties, weddings and bar mitzvah. Now the elegant restaurant chain Golden Corral has decided to latch onto this dubious trend and take it national. Yuck.
I’ve never liked them. Instead of a wonderful dessert that leaves you feeling satisfied, there’s this giant tower of mysterious liquid surrounded by skewers and platters  of fruit, cakes and cookies. After awhile, the whole station is spattered with chocolate. It’s not appetizing in the least.
Plus, I’ve always suspected that it isn’t exactly high-quality chocolate. To get the chocolate to flow so smoothly and not gum up the fountain, it’s clearly been thinned. Water would dilute the taste, so the likely culprit is fat. One recipe found online calls for adding three-quarters of a cup of oil to two bags of chocolate chips. Another website, explains that a higher concentration of cocoa butter makes the chocolate flow easily.
So now are you tempted to visit Golden Corral and dip that fruit into a fat bath? I thought not.
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