The Lodge at Sea Island, Ga., has been declared the best hotel in Georgia by U.S. News and World Report. It is surely the most luxe hotel The Restaurant Dieter has ever stayed in.

When we checked in, the clerk walked us all the way from the desk downstairs to our room on the second floor and gave us an extensive tour of its features. We were feeling pretty smug and important until the journey took us past the plaque on one room noting that Jordan’s King Abdullah had occupied it during the 30th G8 Summit in 2004.

On his tour of the room, the clerk showed us the form to request a nighttime snack of cookies and milk. To test them, I wrote in “chocolate” by the milk, which is, of course, how it arrived at the end of the evening.

We wound up not eating at The Lodge, instead going to its sister resort, The Cloister, which holds the U.S. News & World Report second slot for Georgia, and Southern Tide casual fish restaurant.

I wasn’t in a Restaurant Dieter mood — yes, sometimes I chuck it — and ordered the lobster pot pie. Lucky for me, it wasn’t that good, and I left most of it. The Restaurant Dieter’s husband had a meaty piece of grouper, but wound up with a fever of 103 the next day. The Grady Hospital ER doctor with us prescribed Cipro. Just sayin’.

The only meal at The Lodge was breakfast. The omelet was perfectly cooked, not too much fat, and full of spinach, mushroom and tomato. I managed to kick the hash browns aside, fortunately.